Information about Gurjaani Municipal Board and Gurjaani Municipal Council

28.07.2014 Author: IDFI

The information received from Gurjaani Municipal authorities is now available on our web-site.

Gurjaani Municipal Board did not provide the copies of sent and received letters from the official e-mail of the head in March, 2014. According to the received information, in 2013 there were no cases of salary supplements. Sending audit results to law-enforcement agencies has not been realized. Also, there were no cases of disciplinary responsibilities. Besides, the board did not have any act on proactive disclosure of public information.

Our request about above mentioned document was ignored by the Gurjaani Municipal Council as well.  According to the received information, in March 2014, the head of the City council did not have any official electronic correspondence from the business e-mail.  There was no case of salary supplements as well as disciplinary responsibilities. Sending the Audit results to law-enforcement agencies did not executed. The information provided by Gurjaani Municipal Board as well as Municipal Council about replaced vehicles was not complete.

All the other information received from Gurjaani Municipal authorities is complete.

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