Information about Akhmeta Municipal Board and Akhmeta Municipal Council

28.07.2014 Author: IDFI

The information received from Akhmeta Municipal authorities is now accessible on our web-site.

Akhmeta Municipal Board provided incomplete information only for the budget implementation report of 2013. Our request regarding the information on Electronic correspondence was ignored by the Municipal Board. Also the following requests were ignored: Diplomas of higher education of head and its deputies, replaced vehicles, audit implementation in 2013, legal acts on proactive disclosure of information. According to received information, in 2013 there was no case of giving salary supplements to head and deputy heads, as well as to employees. In all the other cases the provided information from Akhmeta Municipality Board was complete.

Also, the information received from Akhmeta Municipal Council about representative expenses in 2013 is not complete. According to the provided information, in March 2014, the head of Municipal Council did not have any official electronic correspondence via e-mail. Also, in 2013, no salary supplements were given to the employees. Besides, there were no urgent procurement. In 2013, the vehicles have not been replaced, as well as, the Audit has not been implemented. Regarding all the other issues, the provided information is complete. 

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